The rise of surrogacy - Goodman Ray

This week Jemma Dally, along with other leading lawyers, spoke to Citywealth about the rise of surrogacy.

With an emphasis on the comparison of UK law – where only altruistic surrogacy is permitted – and US law- where some states permit commercial surrogacy – Jemma highlights the flaws the UK system presents, and the resulting consequences this creates for commissioning parents after the birth of a child conceived by way of surrogacy. The article also addresses the decline we are seeing in international adoptions, a direct response to the sharp increase of interest in surrogacy.

A full link to the article can be found below:

Jemma is a partner in the Adoption, Surrogacy and International Child Care department at Goodman Ray, she has extensive experience in surrogacy cases and has a growing practice in cases involving children who are conceived by way of artificial insemination under the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008. Should you have any enquiries please contact 0207-608-5966.

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