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Goodman Ray supports ‘NO MORE Week,’ 5th – 12th March 2023.

NO MORE week is an annual event from 5th to 12th March to raise awareness surrounding
domestic and sexual violence. This year, the week will coincide with International Women’s
Day on 8 th March 2023.

The abuse an individual experiences will differ and can include but is not limited to physical,
financial, psychological, emotional, coercive and sexual violence. Such abuse is about one
individual exerting power and control over another, which can at times, be hard to recognise.
The charity sponsored event will hold a range of activities over the week to raise awareness,
inspiring all people to create a safe and equal community free from domestic and sexual
abuse. This includes the second annual KNOW MORE webinar with a series of speakers.
Further information can be found here:

At Goodman Ray, we have a dedicated domestic abuse team who are able to advise and
guide you. We will explain all the options available to you to safeguard your family either to
obtain an injunction (Non-Molestation Order) or to obtain an order to prevent a child from
being removed from your care, their school or by another family member (Prohibited Steps

If you are at immediate risk of harm it is important to act quickly and obtain specialist legal
advice. Please contact us on 020 7608 1227 or email Sheeja Sukumaran



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