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Goodman Ray Recognised in Top 10 Influential Child’s Public Law Firms in London

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Goodman Ray in Top 10 Influential Child’s Public Law Firms in London

Business Today have selected a handful of London Public Law attorneys, representing various reputable law firms, to provide their readers with an insightful glimpse into the unique world of Children: Public Law Matters in London.

We’re proud to announce that two of our staff have been mentioned, and you can read what Business Today said below. A huge well done to both Emma and Kevin, and not to mention our wider team here at Goodman Ray for all the hard work you do!

Kevin Skinner

Kevin Skinner – Goodman Ray

Kevin Skinner is a distinguished lawyer at Goodman Ray. He is renowned for his formidable presence in public law, with a particular forte in complex cases such as those that involve significant overlap with criminal proceedings. Skinner’s versatile expertise encompasses situations involving abuse and radicalisation allegations as well as Hague Convention proceedings, including abduction cases.

“Kevin has been outstanding in his professionalism, patient and compassion on a human level and shown an exemplary standard of diligence in regard to all aspects of my case.”

“I would like to thank you again for all your help in making the move to Australia possible for us, and also for helping us through the proceedings before. Thank you Kevin you have help us a lot.”

Emma Sherrington

Emma Sherrington – Goodman Ray

Emma Sherrington is a dedicated public law specialist at Goodman Ray. Sherrington has a reputation for her in-depth expertise in cases of non-accidental injury, falsely induced illness and sexual abuse allegations. Her courtroom experience includes high-profile representation before the High Court.

“If I can give Goodman Ray more than 5 stars I would definitely do. They deserve more than 5 stars, especially Emma Sherrington. She was my solicitor. She was in constant communication with me throughout the case, and even during her vacation, she used to appoint someone to replace her. She was quick to respond to messages and emails. Very strong and skilled in her field. Her legal view and advice were always on point. I am wordless to thank her. Honestly, I am lucky that my case came to her. and I am pleased to have met her.” – Fotoon

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