Solicitor Neutrals

What are solicitor neutrals?

Solicitor neutrals are able to work with and provide independent advice to both individuals involved in a family dispute. They are often known as solicitor neutrals, with the approach referred to as ‘one lawyer, two clients’.

Solicitors will typically work with just one of the individuals involved in a family issue or dispute. They will provide just that individual with confidential advice which the other individual will not be privy to. The emergence of allowing lawyers to work as solicitor neutrals gives an opportunity for separating couples or parents to instruct the same lawyer to provide them with advice and assist them with resolving issues between them.

Our approach

Our lawyers trained in working as solicitor neutrals will be able to discuss the process with you both and whether it is suitable. There are limitations in how lawyers are able to assist when representing both individuals. They are only able to offer independent advice, and this process will tend to be used and available to separating couples or parents where there is very low conflict and in some of the following circumstances:

  • If you have already discussed and resolved the majority of issues arising from their separation and be looking for independent advice on that proposed settlement;
  • If you have resolved many issues between you but there remain a limited number outstanding issues between them which you are trying to work through;
  • To assist with formalising the terms of a proposed settlement already agreed.

Contacting us

If you would like to meet with one of our mediators or simply discuss the process further, then please get in touch using whatever method is easiest for you. You can use the form on our website or email us at Alternatively, feel free to ring us on 020 7608 1227 or you can call the mediator at Goodman Ray directly using the direct dial on their profile.

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