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Same Sex / Co Parenting

Same sex parenting will often involve a number of the adults playing a role in a child’s life. To regulate these arrangements it is advisable to enter into what is known as a “co-parenting agreement”. This will ensure that all parents involved understand their role, are focused on the best interests of the child and his or her welfare, and consider and reflect on all the issues that might arise, from the outset.

Co-parenting agreements typically cover issues such as:

• who will be on the birth certificate;
• who will the child live with;
• how much time will the child spend with the other parent (s);
• who will be financially responsible for the child;
• who will makes the major decisions in the child’s life

We can advise you on co-parenting agreement and what should be included. A careful understanding of everyone’s legal position can help avoid disagreements in the future

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