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For families who cannot conceive naturally fertility treatment and/or assisted conception can be an obvious choice.
When a relationship breaks down the most important consideration for parents is the future arrangements for their children.
We advise and represent families where an adult relative lacks the capacity to make decisions for themselves.
Whether you are married, living together or in a civil partnership relationship breakdown is never easy and can be
Our team can advise and guide you through all legal aspects of violence including metal & physical abuse.
Mediation is a voluntary process that brings together opposite sides in a dispute to help them make decisions regarding their issues.
International relationships are increasingly common as people travel, work, live and have an interest in property in more than one country.
Our team has extensive experience in acting for parents in cases where children have been removed both within the UK and abroad.


"Their support comes with that extra level of knowledge and experience."

Chambers & Partners 2020

"Goodman Ray is undoubtedly a leader in its field and, in my experience, provides an excellent service for clients in the most complex and challenging cases."

Chambers & Partners 2020

"a hidden gem that is very good on both children and finances."

Chambers & Partners 2020

"Goodman Ray has always been at the forefront of family law, particularly the law as it relates to children. The firm has never rested on its laurels and the team is highly positive and effective with outstanding lawyers"

Legal 500 - 2019

"an incredibly tenacious group of committed and fearless lawyers"

Legal 500 - 2015

"It is an excellent children’s law practice, with a particular speciality as a leader in the representation of children, and a recognised high-level expertise in international cases"

Legal 500 - 2019

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Changes to the Family Procedure Rules

On April 29th, changes to the Family Procedure Rules will be introduced. Couples in dispute need to be aware of these changes and the possible