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She’s always gone above and beyond to make sure that my voice is heard and I feel very represented by her.
Client Testimonial
Novlet made me feel at ease when she dealt with my case and made me feel important, especially when I was at my lowest. Thank you Novlet.
Client Testimonial
Novlet listened with great patience and a non-judgemental attitude. Novlet on many occasions offered clarity breaking down Information to enable me to have a better understanding of procedures and this allowed me to make better informed decisions
Client Testimonial
Working with Novlet is always an immensely positive and motivating experience due to her passion and dedication to her clients which is as infectious as it is heartening in the often-beleaguered field of childcare law.
Barrister Testimonial
Novlet is very committed to ensuring the best representation for her clients. She understands the nuances of the case, the law and likely outcomes but never loses sight of the impact on her client of the proceedings they are caught up in.
Barrister Testimonial
The way that she works with, and for, her clients has undoubtedly made a difference to the outcome for them as she inspires confidence in her advice which encourages them to follow it to their benefit and they have all expressed to me that they are incredibly grateful to Novlet for the support she has given to them with good reason.
Barrister Testimonial



Novlet Levy qualified as a solicitor at Goodman Ray in December 2018. She was previously a paralegal working within Goodman Ray’s child protection department and assisted in the representation of parties to public law family proceedings as well as private law children proceedings. Novlet was nominated and shortlisted as a finalist for the LAPG’s Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year award in 2021.

Novlet graduated from the school of law at Queen Mary University of London in 2013 and completed her LPC at the University of Law in 2015 after being awarded a full scholarship from the Law Society.

Novlet’s work to date has largely consisted of representing parents and family members in care proceedings. She has acted for a number of extended family members who oppose plans of adoption or long-term foster care. She also regularly acts for parents in private children cases with entrenched issues between the parents or histories of domestic abuse and parental alienation. Novlet concentrates on giving children the best opportunity to remain or at least linked with their families which she feels is crucial for a child’s identity and self-worth. Novlet has a keen interest in children’s rights.

In December 2020, Novlet was elected to the Association of Lawyers for Children’s (ALC) executive committee where she continues to chair the sub-committee for young lawyers.



  • Resolution
  • Association of Lawyers for children
  • Junior Lawyers Division
  • Law Society Diversity Access Scheme